Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Black Jesus? He was Jewish, people.

Ok, So I can understand a black version of Santa...even though he's based off of St. Nicholas...who just happened to be white.

But seriously... a black Jesus? He was Jewish, people. Sure, he could have, and probably did have darker skin, but he was not an "African American". When did it become OK to change the race of historical figures? I understand that black people might feel left out, but really, what's next? A black Abe Lincoln? An Asian George Washington? Hispanic Mayflower passengers?  We don't have a white version of Martin Luther King, Jr., that would be racist. (Although we do have a white version of Michael Jackson).


Anna said... the ending on this one baby...but are right...<3

Ken Osecon said...

There were many black jews on the time of jesus... And there is a high chance he was black.

Brandi said...

The original Hebrews were Black (check WORLD history and do some deep research. You'll find that the Jews of today are a people who came in and took over the land and the identity of the people; not a first in human history, by any stretch of the imagination (ex.Original Egyptians vs. today's Egyptians). Of course, Jesus was not "African American", because that would imply that He was American and that America existed in the days of Jesus, which of course it did not. However, he was Black. The Bible describes his hair as wool and his skin as the color of burnt brass. Also, he fit in with the original Egyptians who possessed African features as well as very dark skin...because Egypt is in Africa and, as science has already proven, they were not white. "Jesus was a Black Hebrew": In Biblical times, that statement would have been redundant, seeing as Hebrews were Black, so...Jesus was a Hebrew.